Nirvana Smiley LS Merch Tee- Vintage White


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The voice of a generation, a "genius blend," and one of the most demanded artists on Daydreamer's roster- Nirvana. Responsible for single-handedly catapulting frenzied alternative rock into the mainstream, Nirvana turned the music industry and pop culture on its head.  With thier hard-charging songs of dirgey, down-tuned rock n' roll, punk spirit and thier captivating showmanship, Nirvana wasn't just a grunge band, Nirvana was grunge.  As the story goes, Cobain drew Nirvana's infamous smiley face logo on a 1991 flyer announcing the launch party of their industry changing album, "Nevermind."  Still one of the most enduring images of the band's career, a reissue of one of Daydreamer's best-selling graphics featuring this legendary logo hits this long sleeve merch tee with an iconic slogan associated with the boys stamped on the back.  A classic piece of memorabilia made to feel like you just left Nirvana's concert yesterday. 

Feels like a luxury tour tee

Perfect drape


Open neck and ladder stitch hems 

100% cotton